At the Foot of a Mountain



It’s been a while since I’ve added a post to this blog. I’m still climbing the mountain of self taught web developing. It looks like a long way up towards the top but when I look back,  where I’ve come from, I can see I’ve actually covered a lot of ground and I’m higher up than I first thought.

I’ve tried to keep learning and practising HTML, CSS and JavaScript on a daily basis. Mostly I’ve managed to do this over the last two months with a bit of recent downtime because of blowing up my desktop (faulty PSU), a busy period at work and a nasty fall at work resulting in me bruising my ribs.

I’ve been following three on-line web development courses, Codeacedemy, Free Code Camp and Rob Percivals Web Developer Udemy course. The first two courses are free, with good content and no adverts, the last one costs about £40 but is often discounted and, in my opinion, well worth it. When taking all three courses at once, a lot of content is repeated but for me the repetition is a good thing because lot of my learning takes place after a 10 or more hour shift at work and I find I need to go over things a few times for them to sink in.

I find the coding side easier and more enjoyable then the design side of things but I enjoy both sides. I haven’t practised the design side nearly as much as coding but I intend to put more time aside for it.

Although I could get by before, I now feel confident in my HTML, CSS coding skills and I’m finally starting to feel much more confident coding in JavaScript, something I’ve struggled with at first.

Presently I’m starting to learn and play around with PHP and MYSQL and I’ve had a recent brief incursion into Java and Swift territory but I’ll also continue with Free Code Camps syllabus where I’m up to the object oriented JavaScript point.



At the Foot of a Mountain

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