LAMP Light

I spent last weekend setting up a LAMP server on an old PC. I used web-design-lab/learn/ at udemy as a guide. As well as the command line tutorial found on codecademy There was a lot of trial and error but I got there in the end.

A LAMP server is a web server with a Linux distro as its operating system (I used Ubunto server edition) Apache web server, MYSQL and PHP installed on it. I also installed an FTP server.

After I did that I installed another LAMP server this time as a virtual machine (I used Oracle VM VirtualBox) on my windows desktop. It seems to operate flawlessly, and is much more convenient for me to use as a web testing server.

Although I have some online web hosting, my LAMP setup will be useful for testing and I feel more confident with the command line than I used to be.



LAMP Light

10 Mini Programming Projects

Code? Boom.

Inspired by @mwclarkson asking for ideas yesterday on Twitter, I thought I’d put together a compilation of 10 mini programming projects I have used in the classroom. Each of them could be used with the language of your choice, although the resources I’ve linked to may contain information specific to the language I used and the year group I used the task with.
Disclaimer: All of the Python code has only been tested in 2.7.x and I occasionally refer to the Python list data structure as an array. Please don’t hate me.

If you use any of these resources and ideas or have any feedback for improvement, I’d love to hear from you either as a comment on here or via Twitter @codeboom

1. Hangman

What is it… guess letters in a pre-defined random word until the entire word is guessed or the number of guesses allowed has been exceeded

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10 Mini Programming Projects

JavaScript code to display Multiplication table

My Programming Adventure

Through JavaScript you can easily write the html code in html document using document.write(). Using document.write() and for loop it is easy to print the table of user input number.

First of all “promt” box will appear and then this value will be parse to integer and the multiplication table is displayed.

The source code for JavaScript is as follows:

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JavaScript code to display Multiplication table